by Robert & Wanda Duncan

At Khartoum during the historic battle, Doug and Tony encounter an Alien who's come to destroy the world.

Doug and Tony materialize on the desert within earshot of the 1883 battle at Khartoum, and are attacked by a pair of Arabs, but soon dispose of them. Then, two Androids in metallic space suits and carrying blasters appear from the nearby rocks. At the Time Tunnel, Ann, Kirk and Swain hurriedly set dials to make a transfer. But on the screen they see a new figure, The Planet Leader, with a huge, bulbous head and a voice like ringing steel, who warns them not to try a pickup again or he will destroy the Tunnel. Doug and Tony, meanwhile, are taken by the Androids to a cave where the Planet Leader is presiding over a plan to destroy the earth. To this end he has a row of missiles, set up and aimed, ready to fire. His reason is that he is a Prince of the planet Aristos, and he's trying to prove his fitness to rule. First he wants to learn all about the Time Tunnel. Ordering Tony taken out and killed, he has his slaves drag Doug to a mind reading device. He will soon know, he boasts, everything in Doug's head. Outside Tony manages to escape the Android, only to fall into the hands of a beleaguered British pair, Captain Henderson and a Sergeant who assume, since the Arabs are ambushing them on all sides, that Tony must be the spy who's tipping them off, but Tony manages to persuade them to come along and see who the real enemy is. He leads the pair back to the cave. Meanwhile, the Tunnel manages to remove Doug from the torturing mind reading machine, and place him beside Henderson and Tony. The Sergeant, meanwhile, spots an Android and tries to attack him and is killed. At the same time, the Planet Leader punishes those at the Tunnel by sending a Timing Device that can be made to blow the Tunnel and them to bits, and there is nothing they can do to disarm or destroy it. Henderson, meanwhile, urges Tony and Doug to go to Khartoum with him to get help to destroy the Alien Complex. But the final battle between the Arabs and the Sudanese under British command, impedes their progress and they can only gather up some ammunition and try themselves to stop the Planet Leader. At the same time the Timing Device at the Tunnel is about to go off, but the Scientists manage to send it through time back to the cave, where Doug, Henderson and Tony, having disabled the Alien's missiles manage to get out just before the device blows the cave and everything in it to bit. Then the Time Travellers disappear into the Vortex of Time.

Dr. Tony Newman ................. James Darren 
Dr. Doug Phillips ............... Robert Colbert 
Dr. Ann MacGregor ............... Lee Meriwether 
Lt.Gen. Heywood Kirk ............ Whit Bissell 
Dr. Raymond Swain ............... John Zaremba

G U E S T  C A S T

Henderson ...................... John Crawford
Planet Leader .................. Kevin Hagen

Associate Producer ............. Jerry Brisken
Director ....................... J. Juran

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Created: 97/04/24 Updated: 97/12/02