A review of The TIME TUNNEL model from Fujimi Mokei
Larry Scheflin

I do have the model kit of the "Time Tunnel Complex". I spent $250 for this piece of junk (it was the last one in a mail order catalogue from Star Tech a few years ago). It is indeed the one you see pictured, however it's VERY disappointing. ALL it is is an oval shaped "tunnel" approximately 5" deep X 2" wide made out of brown plastic. It consists of two pieces, a top and a bottom that you glue together to form the "tunnel." When you do that, there are paper stickers that you put inside to SIMULATE the black and white sections of the tunnel. It sits on a silly plastic stand and there is a way of taking a strip of film (supplied) and putting it in the tunnel with a lite bulb behind it to simulate a picture in the image area. No consoles, no towers, no computer banks, no nothing. I was very disappointed. The picture on the box is the same publicity picture of the complex with Doug and Ann, suggesting that you have a kit of the complex. THAT would have been worth the $250 I shelled out. THAT was what I had been hoping for. At one convention a few years ago, someone was asking $1000 for this kit. I did a better job 25 years ago with styrofoam sections that I cut out myself, painted and lit with Christmas lights.

Want to see the instruction sheets (all in Japanese) for this model? Take a look here...
  • Page One [184 k].
  • Page Two [174 k].
  • Page Three [75 k]. The decals for the model, but they don't show very well.